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Start Spring Cleaning Early


Check out Refinery 29. This is a great blog!! I contributed for the above article. Hope you enjoy!

Storing Holiday Items


Store holiday ornaments, and other similiar accoutrements in clear plastic containers that are all the same size. Low & flat containers stack neatly and allow use of the entire standard 24″ depth of cabinets. No more placing items in front of other items where they are “out of sight & out of mind.”

Build Your Own Cabana


This beautiful cabana is easy to make.  I did this one myself!!

1) Needed:  four pieces of wood 4 ‘ long each, 4 pieces of chain,5  hooks, wood glue, fabric, velcro, nails, stain.

2) Using wood glue & nails, make a square frame with the four pieces of wood. Stain the wood if you desire to. I stained mine a dark chocolate shade of brown.

3) Take four hooks and screw them into the four corners of the square wood frame.

4) Screw in one hook into the highest point where you are going to hang the cabana.

5) Add velcro to the four sides of the frame.

6) Place one end of each piece of chain on each of the four corners, and place the other end onto the hook at the highest point.

7) Hang the cabana frame.

8) Cut & sew your fabric to the desired lenght needed, and add the other piece of velcro to the fabric.

9) Attach fabric to frame and place top fabric over the chain.

Shoe Storage



Increase Shoe Storage

Maximize space in small closets by placing shoes heel to toe on deep shelves.

Tiffany Box


I LOVE the color of a Tiffany & Co. box! I used Benjamin Moore’s custom color “Tiffany Box” #547-1X @ Cox Paint Center in Culver City, CA. A great way to give your closets a touch of color is by painting the back wall before installing your closet system.

Plumbing Pipe Closet


I designed this unique closet for my daughter, Chase.  Moving usually isn’t fun, and it’s  especially difficult when your new room doesn’t have a closet large enough to hold your clothes! This closet was created out of plumbing pipes I purchased from Home Depot. The best part, HD cut the pipes to my specs free of charge! The shelves were purchased from a vintage wood store that I discovered in LA called E&K  Vintage Wood, . The closet itself is from floor to ceiling, and there are only four screws that hold it in place in the ceiling! It is an inexpensive, functional, convenient, spacious, strong & secure closet that also duals as a design piece!

How do I do what I do….


With the help of my AMAZING CREW! I’m missing a couple faces in this pic, but you get the idea!! Organization takes time! Time is Money when hiring a professional organizer. Hence, the faster I can get a job done, the more cost effective it is for my clients. Keep in mind when tackling your jobs

1) Pace yourself, if you do too much at once you can easily burn out and quit before you finish. This can lead to a bigger mess at the end of the day.

2) Think about “man hours.” IF you can have 2 people help you, in 8 hours, you will have accomplished 24 hours of labor!!! That’s BIG Progress!

3) Don’t start before you know you have craved out the time to do it, and have a supply of organizing tools ready to go; various size containers, and of course… your labeler!

Linda’s Signature Gift!


I LOVE giving the gift of Organizing every second I get! My friends know this about me too!! It’s actually expected of me from those close to me! Even my daughter says, “Mom, no more organizing gadgets, please!” Come on… I can’t help myself! This is the ultimate gift (at least from my pov)! I make these delicious “cakes” myself by purchasing graduated sizes of clear plastic containers, and fill them with wonderful “organizing tools.” This special gift made it way to My Girl, Niecy Nash’s Bridal Shower!! Try it!! It’s makes a Big Hit at every party!! And who can’t stand another good plastic container?!

How to save hand-me-downs


Saving hand-me-downs? Take a moment to separate the clothing by size so it’s easy to access when your little one isn’t so little anymore! Further, containerize, label, and sort by size & brand/style/type of clothing. Consider storing on top shelf in closet.

Giuliana’s New Web Site!


Check out my good friend, Giuliana Rancic’s new web site called Fab, Fit, Fun! You know Giuliana as the co-host of E! News!! She’s is Fab, Fit, & Fun so the title suits her to a T!!! :D

While you are cruising her site, there even some tips from me under Get Gorgeous! Spring Cleaning “Organizing Tips.”