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Contact paper made into Wallpaper!


It’s less expensive, there’s no glue, and you can do it yourself! I did this wall in only 3 hours!

Busy @ Work


Just in case you were wondering “WHO” the organizer Sofia was referring to… ;)


Welcome to my Blog! This is all new to me… I’m more of a talker than a writer, (even though I am an author – go figure), and I find Twitter one of the hardest things to do too. I’m so busy “doing” that I find it odd to stop to say “what I’m doing.” 

For those of you who either Live to Organize OR Organize to Live, I promise to keep you updated through photos in my photo gallery. I hope to inspire you and ignite your deepest desires to achieve organization. 

I look forward to you sharing your stories, photos, and ideas too!

xox Linda